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Vítězové dalšího ročníku největšího festivalu dětské knihy The BolognaRagazzi Award na Bologna Children´s book Fair, 2016.
Boloňský festival je přehlídkou toho nejlepšího, co se ve světě dětské knihy objevuje.
Mimochodem v roce 1966 ho za ČSR navštívil Dušan Roll a Gabriela Dubská. Nakladatelství Albatros bylo mezi prvními sedmi nakladateli, kteří se festivalu zúčastnili.
Za Českou republiku se letos zúčastnili Albatros Media, Baobab, Egmont, Jiři Models, Ministerstvo kultury ČR.
Do nominace o nejlepší knihu The BolognaRagazzi Award nebyla vybrána ani jedna česká kniha.



Éditions La Joie de Lire, Geneva, Switzerland, 2015

Text by Germano Zullo, illustrations byAlbertine

What the Jury said
« ... J’ai tellement de choses à te dire. Tant et tant de choses. Il faut que je te raconte tout… »
This is a book about love, the passing of time, and the cycle of our lives. It is also about relationships. Slowly, page after page, the sparse black pencil illustrations on milky white paper tell a restrained, eloquently poetic universal story.


Media Vaca, Valencia, Spain, 2015

text by Equipo Plantel illustrations by Marta Pina, Mikel Casal, Joan Negrescolor & Luci Gutiérrez

 What the Jury said
Founded in the 1970s, this imprint returns to and updates a wide range of important political and social themes with the aim of opening young readers’ minds. Text and images encourage a broad-minded reflection of events.


Kalimat, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, 2016

TONGUE TWISTERS (Lisanak Hisanak)
Text by Fatima Sharafeddine and illustrations by Hanane Kai

What the Jury said
The inventive modular composition of this vibrant book combines a repeated series of simple geometrical shapes in primary colours. No exercise in abstract painting, it is an original attempt to give visual form to tongue twisters and the difficulty of pronouncing certain words very fast. Cleverly crafted juxtaposition of the images hides the words, which if pronounced wrongly, lead to an amusing jumble of the patterns.



Éditions Magnani, Paris, France, 2015

Text and illustrations by Johanna Benz

What the Jury said
The sweeping flourish of the illustrations lends a mischievous irreverence to this book that speaks directly to the reader.
The decisive use of colour here takes on symbolic significance. Empty spaces and apparently unfinished, floating lines are all carefully crafted. This is a book that combines graphic art and illustration to perfection.

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